I have been a fan of Tindersticks for many years. After years of asking Stuart to collaborate of one of my tribute concerts (and him politely refusing every time!) he finally agreed to join us for the David Lynch project and delivered stellar performances every night. We became firm friends and he has subsequently involved me in many of his own projects, both solo and with Tindersticks. As a filmscore composer Stuart is unparalleled and I have enjoyed contributing my battery of strange sounds to a variety of his recent works. The most recent being his incredible work on Claire Denis’ latest offering HIGH LIFE. In spite of the film only being released in September Stuart has already won a Georges Delerue award for this score. Here’s Neil collecting the award.


Stuart always allows me to be totally free in trying out any ideas I might have and our days in the studio are pure pleasure. I have been developing a bowed vibraphone technique with which I build up chords over which I lay saw. Here’s the trailer for HIGH LIFE and if you listen to it you’ll hear what I just described.

And here a link to a terrific article in Variety magazine:

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