Discreet + Oblique: The Music Of Brian Eno - at the Barbican, Transcender Festival 26 September 2015

Leo Abrahams and I were asked to rework our Discreet + Oblique project for the Barbican's Transcender Festival a few weeks ago. We continued our collaboration with The Necks and were joined by Benge, John Harle, Olly Coates and Emma Smith to rework the piece for a larger space and a different audience. It was an inspiring few days and the performance was a very memorable one. Huge thanks to all those folk who helped make it happen.

"If Discreet Music offered a new way of hearing to music, then Discreet + Oblique offers of new way of listening to it. The performance feels like an exercise in chaos theory, where the slightest alteration of a foundational element could render a new work entirely. The developments made to Eno’s work by these musicians is overwhelming, it’s immediacy and extemporaneity turning a tribute into this bright, shiny new thing. Even more overwhelming is to consider the ways in which it could’ve been different if it was tackled by different musicians, or with a different set of Oblique Strategies, or even if the cellist had slept on his neck funny. The scope of this project is, in theory, infinite." The Quietus

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Leo and David chatting with Ben Eshmade around the 15' mark. Discreet + Oblique @ Barbican Transcender Festival

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